By Judy, Resident Family Member

Making the decision to move Mom to an assisted living was not one that came lightly or easily. However the Bavarian Meadows family welcomed her and made her new home a safe and comforting place to be. The staff is amazing and have allowed Mom to “wrap them around her finger”  The facility is beautiful and since I eat with Mom once a week I can say the food is very good also!

Once when I was there it was lunch time and most of the residents were watching a high school state championship game.  The game wasn’t quite over and when some started to get up to go eat, a staff member asked them, if they were at home would they go eat or finish watching the game? Of course the residents said watch the game. The staff member then reminded them that this is their home and lunch can wait.
That’s the kind of place Bavarian Meadows is.  A beautiful place to call home.

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